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Share Your Grand Prix Traditions!

It's time to get turnt! Grand Prix is this weekend and it's time to share your favorite traditions.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

I'll be honest, I've lived in Lafayette for most of my 28 years. That being said, I have never once encountered or celebrated anything having to do with Grand Prix week or weekend. I don't like racing. I drink, copiously, but if a bar has more than ten people I start to get a little annoyed. It's just not my scene.

But it's the dog days of spring. Basketball is over. I'm not suffer football yet, and we still need to hit our numbers.

So, tomorrow, at some ungodly time I will be leaving my apartment to cross the river and make my way to the first Grand Prix. As of right now, I still have no idea exactly where the stadium is. I don't know what time it starts. I haven't even picked up my tickets yet. But I'm gonna give it the college try.

So how can you help? Well, I'd like to hear from you, the ever true, about your favorite Grand Prix traditions. Do you have a routine? A bar you like to start out? What should I expect? What should I do? Do I try and ease into it or drown myself in shots before the engines start? Is it like an actual race? Can I drink?

I'm only a little ashamed to admit my complete ignorance to all of this. But with some guidance from all of you, I'll hopefully have an idea of where to go and what to do to get a couple stories to share over the next week or so.