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Spike Albrcht Considering Purdue Transfer

Some actual good news for Purdue.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

On the recruiting front it looks like a graduate transfer is considering the Boilers, and it is a big one:

This is most interesting, as I was unaware that the Boilermakers were being considered. Albrecht is one of the more highly publicized grad transfers because of his messy departure from Michigan, where they originally were not going to let him stay in conference. this past season he played only 69 minutes before injuries shut him down, allegedly ending his career.

His best season was last year where he averaged 32 minutes per game, 7.5 points, and 3.9 assists. He shot 36% from three and 40% from the floor.

Is he really a fit for Purdue though? With Carsen Edwards coming in we already have two points guards, and at some point you have to trust P.J. Thompson as opposed to giving him yet another grad transfer to compete with. His transfer would likely limit Edwards' minutes as he would split time with Thompson.