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2016 Purdue Football Spring Game Rosters Set

Saturday's spring game should be quite interesting as it will officially be Blough vs. Sindelar.

Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday afternoon the draft was held for Saturday's spring football game. There were some slight modifications this year. With only nine offensive linemen healthy thanks to the loss of Eric Swingler to an ACL tear several linemen will be playing both ways. All injured players, including Markus Bailey and Ja'Whaun Bentley, who are coming off of ACL tears, are not going to play.

In terms of the QB derby David Blough will head the Gold Team while Elijah Sindelar will lead the black team. The Black team gets Markell Jones while the Gold team gets D.J. Knox as their respective running backs. The rest of the lineups are as follows:


Offensive line: Martesse Patterson (T), Jason King (G), Peyton Truitt (C), Johnny Daniels (G), Barooz Yacoobi (T)

Tight ends: Cole Herdman, Jess Trussell

Outside receivers: Domonique Young, Dan Monteroso, Alex Hilger

Slot receivers: Gregory Phillips

Quarterback: Elijah Sindelar

Running backs: Markell Jones, David Yancey, Keyante Green, Lane Beeler

Specialists: Jake Herr (P), John Vargyas (LS), Tyler Duncan (K), Brian Bravo (K)

Defensive end: Evan Panfil, Gelen Robinson, Antoine Miles

Defensive tackle: Jake Replogle

Nose: Ryan DeBusk, Keiwan Jones

Linebackers: Jimmy Herman, Danny Ezechukwu, Sawyer Dawson, Dezwan Polk-Campbell

Cornerbacks: Myles Norwood, Antonio Blackmon, Mike Little, Race Johnson,

Safeties: Leroy Clark, Wes Cook, Austin Logan, Cody Denton

Not playing due to current or prior injury: Andy Chelf (S), Anthony Mahoungou (WR), David Rose (CB), Eric Swingler (OT)


Offensive line: Michael Mendez (G), Kirk Barron (C), Jordan Roos (G), Matt McCann (T)

Tight end: Brycen Hopkins

Outside receivers: DeAngelo Yancey, Jarrett Burgess, Bilal Marshall

Slot receivers: Cameron Posey, Jack Wegher

Quarterbacks: David Blough, Aaron Banks

Running backs: D.J. Knox, Richie Worship, Tario Fuller, Keith Byars II

Specialists: Joe Schopper (P), Riley Johnson (K), Ben Makowski (LS), Ryan Sadkowski (LS), Myles Homan (K)

Defensive end: Shayne Henley, Austin Larkin, Chazmyn Turner

Defensive tackle: Langston Newton, Will Colmery

Nose: Eddy Wilson, Fred Brown

Linebackers: Andy James Garcia, Wyatt Cook, Garrett Hudson, Evan Pulliam, Tim Faison.

Cornerbacks: Da'Wan Hunte, Tim Cason, Evyn Cooper, David Day, Kamal Hardy

Safeties: Robert Gregory, Brandon Roberts, Ronnie Hill

Not playing due to current or prior injury: Cameron Cermin (OT), Markus Bailey (LB), Ja'Whaun Bentley (LB), Jacob Thieneman (S)

The game is at 1pm Saturday and I, being the complete masochist I am, will be there.