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H&R Podcast #8 More Stephens, and Good Old Fashioned Rants!

Casey and Jumbo Heroes get together and some ranting takes place.

"We're supposed to listen to this?"
"We're supposed to listen to this?"
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

In the latest addition of the critically acclaimed podcast Jumbo Heroes and Casey talk about a number of topics, many of which are only tangentially related to Purdue. So, if you're going to be annoyed that we talked about more than just Purdue be warned. It could be our greatest episode ever if I do say so myself.

The discussion comes back around to Kendall Stephens with the latest news that he WILL NOT be a graduate transfer but would in fact have to sit out a year if he does decide to leave Purdue. Following that we take on the whole entire system of the NCAA transfer rules and see if we can make sense of it. Spoiler alert, we can't. We take a look at the hypocrisy of the whole thing and decide it sort of stinks.

Then we take on the hard hitting news that really matters to you, the listener. That's right the latest controversy in women's college basketball regarding the abrupt resignation of Tyler Summitt and how absurd that whole scenario is. Last but not least we delve into our thoughts on the NCAA with a focus on football player safety in particular. Have a listen we think it's pretty good. Have a listen at any of the ways below.