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Purdue Basketball Recruiting Updates

If Purdue is going to add another freshman for 2016-17 expect them to come int he next two weeks.

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Things have been pretty quiet on the recruiting front of late, but that should change very soon. The spring evaluation period is coming up as well as the regular signing period for basketball. On Wednesday current HS seniors who did not sign dur9ing the early period back in November (Like Carsen Edwards did) can sign through May 18th. If Matt Painter is going to add another incoming freshman the time is now.

With that in mind, here are some recruiting updates:

Desmond Bane

If Bane is going to come to Purdue it will be in the next two weeks. This weekend and next he will be playing with the Indy Elite 2017 team and he is officially coming to Purdue on April 21 for a workout with the coaching staff. He also plans to make an announcement on his commitment on April 23, and he can then sign immediately because it will be during the signing period.

My guess is Bane is waiting to see how well he does this weekend and during that workout next Thursday. If he gets an offer from Painter, he is ours. Think of things as a trade. We lose Grant Weatherford, but get Desmond Bane, who has a MUCH higher upside as a 4-year player. Northwestern and Xavier are giving him some interest too, so we can finally see him getting attention from top conference programs.

One other thing to consider: He plays with Indiana Elite 2017. He has played with Kris Wilkes there in the past, so getting Bane could be an "in" to get Wilkes. Purdue would still have 3 scholarships to use for 2017 as well if Bane commits, regardless of what Kendall does.

Kellon Thomas

On the Graduate transfer front Purdue was going to go after Kent State's Kellon Thomas, who originally played at Southport. That is off the board now, as he committed to IUPUI.

Ronnie Johnson

Since there were people that actually thought we should go after Ronnie Johnson again it should be noted that he is visiting Auburn. Auburn could play Purdue in the Cancun event in November, and if Ronnie ends up there I kind of hope we do play them. The bridge for a return to Purdue has been napalmed:

We're not sure why he was throwing shade when C.J. Walker decommitted, either. It had been a year at that point.

Kendall Stephens

We have no idea if he is returning or not, but I have a "good feeling" he will be back.

Other Fifth Year Transfers

We have absolutely no idea who, if anyone, Purdue is going after. Here is the updated ESPN list. Rodney Pryor of Robert Morris looks like a good fit, but Purdue is not on his list. There is not much else out there.