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Is Gene Keady Returning to Coaching?

Because wild internet speculation is the best type of speculation!

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As an addict for Indiana High School Basketball I have long been a member of It is a Rivals site much like Peegs or Gold and Black, but it is unique in that it is not devoted to a college, but to Indiana HS basketball in particular. There is a good group of posters there that have their ear to the ground for high school basketball rumors and such, and at this time of year there are coaching vacancies all over the state.

We have seen a few of those vacancies already even with the season not over. Ryne Smith recently left Anderson after one season. A few other former Purdue players have tried their hand at various schools around the state, but rarely do these schools move the national needle. I checked the rumor mill this morning to see this tidbit about Park Tudor:

I'm almost afraid to list this as it seems too shocking to be true, but this came from arguably as reliable source as I have.. Varsity Club member reports Gene Keady being in the mix at Park Tudor.

For those that don't know, Park Tudor is a very exclusive private school on the north side of Indianapolis. It is considered a college prep school with an enrollment of close to 420 kids in the high school grades and it is quite pricey to attend. Recently, they have become a powerhouse in basketball. They have won four of the last five Class 2A state championships, and this season they are playing up in Class 3A as a result. Even then, they are ranked second in Indiana and favored to win this weekend's regional and advance to semi-state. Jaren Jackson, a 2017 Purdue target, attends Park Tudor, as did Trevon Bluiett at Xavier and Yogi Ferrell at Indiana. They are a 4A class of program with a 2A enrollment.

Their job is open because of a very nasty scandal where coach Kyle Cox was arrested on charges of coercion and enticement of a minor when he was trying to seduce a 15-year-old girl. Later in the case the head of the school, Matthew Miller, committed suicide as the allegations rose higher. Needless to say, this is an absolute mess.

But to see Gene Keady, at 79 years of age, mentioned as a potential name in this hire adds a wow factor. Park Tudor certainly has the money to go after Gene. They also have the prestige, as Park Tudor regularly plays some of the top programs in Indiana and has been producing a lot of high major talent too. It would probably be for only a handful of years, but can you imagine Gene Keady returning to the high school ranks after a 51 year absence?

Of course, this is all wild internet speculation right now. The recruiting implications would also be a bastard to figure out too because having a former legendary head coach now coaching high school at one of the state's top programs would be... odd at best, but still.

Is the combover coming back?