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H&R Podcast: Episode #2

The Five Guys of H&R get together to discuss many items surrounding Purdue Basketball.

Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

Before we get to the podcast, do not forget that we are now available through iTunes and Stitcher radio apps! Stitcher is available for Android for those who do not have an Apple product.

In this week's podcast (a bit longer than the previous ones), we discussed:

  • Purdue's win over Wisconsin, as well as quotes from Painter, Hammons, and Davis after Sunday's night game.
  • Caleb Swanigan's great performance in that game.
  • More on the possibility of Kendall Stephens transferring, especially since we've seen the walk-ons play against Nebraska and Wisconsin, but not Stephens.
  • PJ Thompson's great performance and how this could boost Purdue the rest of the season and his career.
  • Our predictions for the Big Ten Tournament.
  • Yes, we talked about IU, positively...what has happened.
  • AJ Hammons winning Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year, along with Ray D coming in behind AJ.
  • Other Big Ten award winners.
  • Fun question: what body part would you sacrifice for a Purdue Final Four run?