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H&R Podcast #6: Weatherford Transfers and Audience Q&A

Our latest podcast focuses on the transfer of another Purdue player as well as answering some of your questions.

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Joe Robbins/Getty Images

First off, we did have some technical issues while recording this podcast, from internet connection issues, recording issues, to me speaking too close/too loud into my microphone at the beginning...oops. Perhaps you might not notice the dip in quality, but I did given that I've edited every podcast so far. So I apologize in advance.

In today's episode, T-Mill, Casey, Drew, and myself discuss the recent news of redshirt freshman Grant Weatherford transferring and its immediate impact on Purdue, as well as answering questions from our audience gathered throughout the week. Some of the questions answered include:

  • Who will be the leader for Purdue next season?
  • If Biggie goes pro, who takes his place?
  • Purdue's realistic expectations for a championship in football and basketball

If you asked a question and we didn't answer it, it was simply due to time. We had many good questions but could only answer a few. We'll look at doing a Q&A again in the near future, so we'll try to answer some of those questions then.

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