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2016 NCAA Tournament- Purdue Falls to UALR 85-83 2OT

I'm at a loss

I feel you coach.
I feel you coach.
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Up 13 points with just 3:09 left in the game things looked good for Purdue. Then it all fell apart. For the second year in a row Purdue lost in the first round to a team that they beat. This time however Purdue had them beat not just in regulation but in the first overtime as well. Purdue found new ways to lose today and I'm dead inside.

I just can't truly put into words everything that happened for this result to happen. Purdue stopped/couldn't get the ball to A.J. Hammons for nearly the last 16 minutes of the second half and the entirety of the two overtimes. Vince Edwards was dead tired and had no legs toward the end of the game but continued to shoot. The point guards turned the ball over again and again. Purdue deserved to lose this game but damn does it hurt as a fan. We expected so much from this team but it just wasn't to be. Purdue has a lot of soul searching to do this offseason. Something has to change.

More to come...