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Join the Hammer & Rails Bracket Group!

All the cool kids are doing it.

Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

The Hammer & Rails bracket challenge is back for another year! Since the Boiler Skyline shirts got a cease and desist from Purdue our t-shirt shop got shut down, so we can't really do any prizes this year. What we can offer is a guest post opportunity. The winner can get a front page post of their choosing to rant on anything Purdue related!

Okay, it is not much of a prize, I'll admit, but hey, we can still have some fun anyway. This year SB Nation is recommending that we use Yahoo as our bracket game, so I have set one up.

Hammer & Rails Staff & Readers

You can pick against the staff and compete for bragging rights if you show you're smarter than us (Hint: you probably are). Our game's version even has a bonus multiplier if you upset picks come through. You get a seed difference multiplier added on to your upset if it comes through. For example: correctly pick that 12 over 5 upset? Congrats! you just got a 7x multiplier!