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IU gets the #5 seed, michigan gets in, and wiscy will be challenged.

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#5 Indiana vs #12 Chattanooga

IU gets the scary 5 distinction but gets a bit of a light weight in Chattanooga, who ranks as the 107th best team according to Kenpom. Chattanooga struggles on offense as the 149th best offense in the nation, but could cause IU some issues with the 77th best ranked defense. They've held teams to 33% from beyond the arc for the year. They're also the 54th best team at forcing turnovers - still an issue for an IU team that likes to run and play in chaos. Chattanooga won their Southern Conference Tournament championship over East Tennessee State. They beat Georgia to start the year, and has one B10 win this year against Illinois.

#7 Wisconsin vs #10 Pittsburgh

Wisconsin gets a tough draw against a Pitt team Purdue beat earlier on the road. This will be an U-G-L-Y game. Pitt has the kind of athletes at the four that could give Nigel Hayes some problems, but Ethan Happ could have a nice game against a team that got slaughtered by A. J.

#6 Notre Dame vs #11 Michigan/Tulsa

Michigan makes it, but will have to play a play in to get to the Fighting Irish. Tulsa ranks 58th in Kenpom's ranking and will not be an easy advance for the Wolverines.