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2016 NCAA Tournament: Midwest Region - Purdue get #5 Seed to face Arkansas Little Rock


Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports


#2 Michigan State vs #15 Middle Tennessee State

MTS beat Old Dominion to make it into the tournament, but can't be expected to put up much of a fight as a two seed. Their offense barely ranks in the top 200, and Michigan State has been arguably the best team in the nation the last few weeks. They will hound MTS and with a coach like Izzo, you'd have to expect the Spartans to not have a let down.PURDUE GETS #5 SEED AND FACES ARK LITTLE ROCK.

#5 Purdue vs #12 Arkansas Little Rock

Well, our optimism has not paid off. Despite Purdue being stuck inside the top 16 the last month or so of the season, and making a trip to the B10 championship where they barely lost to MSU, Purdue is stuck with the 5 seed to take on a 29-4 Arkansas Little Rock team that's a top 50 kenpom rated team. They are a defense-minded team with a defensive rating that puts them as the 35th best defensive team in the country. We'll get more in-depth in a few minutes on what this match-up will mean and how the bracket will break out.