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2016 Big Ten Tournament Championship Game Open Thread

Purdue and Michigan State will try to top their excellent 1-point overtime game in Mackey Arena.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Purdue and Michigan State. They are the program I wish Purdue could be. They regularly make the Final Four and are always a threat to win the national championship. In fact, that is the one knock on Tom Izzo: he has won just one national championship.Some people mention that like seven Final Fours since 1999 is the awful achievement.

This should be a good one.Purdue is No. 14 in the RPI and Michigan State is No. 11. In the KenPom Michigan State is No. 3 and Purdue is No. 9. The Boilers have a potential 3 seed on the line, while the Spartans are going for a No. 1 seed. Michigan State has lost just once since January 20th, and that came at the hands of Purdue on February 9th.

It is time to do some work. We are only 40 minutes away from another Big Ten banner to hang in the rafters of Mackey Arena, and Michigan State is exactly the type of team we will need to beat, at this time of year, in order to reach a Final Four.

The time is now.