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Purdue Football: Spring Has Sprung

Yea, we know, we know, Spring Football is in full effect. We just didn't want to harsh any basketball mello, but it's time to talk a little Boilermaker Football.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Purdue has a multitude of questions heading into the spring. Every position is essentially up for grabs, as the Boilermakers incorporate two new coordinators and several new position coaches into the coaching mix. We have been promised a simpler, more quarterback friendly offense and a defense that attacks instead of being attacked. I for one welcome those changes, if they are indeed implemented. This has to be the last stand of the Hazell era at Purdue. If he can scrap together a decent season with his new coordinators he gets to stay, if he doesn't, he's most likely searching for employment next season. That being said, he gets a full compliment of his own players to make his case for maintaining his employment status. Purdue has an interesting blend of experience, JuCo players, and freshmen going into this season, and many position battles won't be decided until the fall, when Purdue has their full compliment of players available.

That said, I'm looking of some reader questions for a Purdue Spring Football podcast. Post your questions in the comment section regarding Purdue football, and I'll do my best to address them. I'm looking for questions on positions battles, coaching philosophy, etc. It's a new season and a new team, so I'm leaving the past, appropriately enough, in the past. Please refrain from turning this into a gnashing of teeth session. Any question I find overly pessimistic will be ignored.