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Purdue 82, Michigan State 81 (OT) Holy Crap!

Purdue earns its first win over a top 10 team in 5 years the extremely hard way.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

I started Hammer & Rails 7 years ago this coming week. I can post 1,500 words like it is nothing on most days by now.

I don't have words for this.

Purdue was up 16 at halftime and 18 early the second half. It was rolling and times were good.

Purdue was down 4 with 2 minutes left and looked dead.

Somewhere in between there Michigan State got hot and erased an 18 point lead in about 4.3 seconds, aided by the incredibly rare 6-point possession and the brilliance of Denzel Valentine. Like the Iowa game, things turned against Purdue on both ends of the floor.

Somehow, it found a way.

It found a way when Rapheal Davis went from scorching hot to ice cold.

It found a way when Caleb Swanigan was making some of the most bizarre decisions you will ever see in a close game.

It found a way because A.J. Hammons nearly fucked around and got a triple double, and still physically ripped this game away from the Spartans.

I am headed downstairs to get some quotes and work on a deeper wrap, but holy crap.

All wins are beautiful.