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Super Bowl 50 GameThread: Kawann Short Goes for a Ring

The former Purdue defensive tackle is the only Boiler in today's game.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Purdue doesn't have a lot to be proud of these days when it comes to football, but it does have Kawann Short. The third year Pro from East Chicago has made a name for himself as a stout member of Carolina's fearsome defense. Today he will try to become the 23rd Boilermaker to win a Super Bowl ring and, with a huge game, be the third Super Bowl MVP from Purdue.

So, why not have an open thread for him? It is only the biggest football game of the year and the last football to be interested in until the season opener against Eastern Kentucky in 7 months. Kawann is definitely one of the good guys. He was a high school basketball teammate of E'Twaun Moore and those two are probably the most famous people from East Chicago at the moment.

Too bad his ring would come at the expense of Peyton Manning.