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Purdue National Signing Day 2016: Grant Hermanns Profile

Purdue signed a New Mexico offensive tackle prospect with a high ceiling today.

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Name / School




247 Composite

Grant Hermanns / Rio Rancho, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Offensive Tackle



3* (80)

Grant Hermanns is a large human being, and is only going to get bigger. Purdue is doing a good job of stacking large bodies on the offensive line and giving them time to develop. Hermanns has excellent feet for a tackle, and finishes blocks down the field. Hermanns was able to use his size to overwhelm New Mexico prep players, but will need some time to get even bigger to compete in the Big 10.

Hermanns is a 3* star prospect right now, because if he had to step onto the field next season, his lack of weight would be a cause for concern. However, barring catastrophe, Grant won't need to step on the field next season. He's going to spend most of his time in the weight room and at the training table. I've mentioned this before, but Purdue has a decent history of turning tall, thin offensive linemen into tall, beastly left tackles. Dennis Kelly came to Purdue as a 6'8, 240 pound beanpole and is now a 6'8, 320 pound professional football player. Obviously, I can't guarantee you that Hermanns will have that level of success, but I can guarantee that Hermanns will come into Purdue and work his tail off in his attempt to reach that level. Keep Grant Hermanns in the back of your mind. You might not see him for a few years, but I have a feeling that when he does hit the field, he will be hard to miss.

High School Accolades:

2 Time Albuquerque All-Metro

2 Time New Mexico All-State