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Purdue Football Recruiting 2016: Navon Mosely Profile

Navon Mosely is looking to cancel a few flights into the Boilermaker secondary in the coming years.

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247 Composite

Navon Mosley / West Bloomfield High School (West Bloomfield, MI)

DB (S)



3* - 83


Mosley is a multi-dimensional player that could fill numerous roles in the Purdue secondary. He has experience playing safety and cornerback for his West Bloomfield team. He does an excellent job of manning the middle and picking off any errant passes that come his way as a safety, and is solid in man-to-man coverage as a cornerback. As a safety, his positioning is excellent on deep passes. It looks like the other team is throwing him the ball on some of his interceptions. He is good in run support as well, delivering heavy hits to any running back who dares break through the line. He is an aggressive hitter in the secondary, always looking to lower the boom on opposing receivers.


On offense, Mosley is a crafting wide receiver with a penchant for finding soft spots in the defense, and then finding the endzone. He is an aggressive runner who can pull off some nifty moves when given the opportunity. He is obviously the best athlete on his team, and is a solid high school receiver, but his future lies on the defensive side of the ball for the Boilermakers.


Purdue wanted a safety in this class, and Mosley fits the bill. He is a smart player when the ball is in the air and a violent hitter when he lines up a ball carrier. Big 10 receivers may want to consider canceling their flights into the Boilermaker secondary in coming years, because Navon will be waiting for them.

High School Accolades:


All Metro-Northeast


All State