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Purdue National Signing Day: Josh Hayes Profile

Purdue signed one of Indiana's best to help out in the secondary.

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247 Composite

Josh Hayes /

Pike (Indianapolis, IN)

DB  (CB/S)



3* - 82

Hayes played the boundary corner for the Red Devils, and that's where I see him at Purdue. Hayes does an excellent job of getting off blocks and shutting down the swing pass and wide receiver screens that have become ubiquitous in the spread offense. On deep routes, Hayes has the ability to turn and run with receivers down the field, and his size helps him cover the "jump ball" which is also in vogue. Hayes has the ability to get his hands on receivers and slow their initial break from the line, an important skill if Purdue is going to play more press man.

Occasionally, it's hard to judge players from the state of Indiana because the competition can be somewhat up and down. I like to judge players on how the performed against the best, and Hayes put up his best game of the season against Brownsburg's 5* Clemson commit Hunter Johnson. Hayes recorded 5 tackles, 2 interceptions, 2 interceptions, and 2 pass breakups against the #1 quarterback recruit in the nation for the 2017 recruiting class. Johnson had the confidence to go at Hayes, and Hayes responded with a huge game, helping lead the Red Devils to a 55-34 victory.

Welcome to the Boiler family Josh. I'm looking forward to you making the Boiler secondary a no fly zone.

Senior Stats:

23 tackles, 3 interceptions, 8 pass breakups

Lead Recruiters:

Taver Johnson

Gerad Parker