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The Right Pick: J.D. Dellinger

There are not many instant impact players in Purdue's 2016 recruiting class, but at least one is expected to be a starter from day 1.

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Yes, he is a kicker.

That probably says something about how bad Purdue's recruiting class is. The top rated recruits are three-stars and none of them may play immediately, so we turn to our new kicker to be the Right Pick and player I am most excited to play.

Please follow me on this one.

First of all, I want to see J.D. Dellinger play a lot in 2016. If he is playing a lot it means that Purdue's offense is finally fixed and is free of the taint that John Shoop infected with it for three years. I mean come on. He's a kicker! Kickers are only on the field if you are attempting a field goal, an extra point, or after a score for a kickoff. That means if Dellinger is on the field a lot Purdue is actually moving the football and gaining things like "first downs" or even getting "touchdowns". Those were often a myth under Shoop, unless it was the fourth quarter and Purdue was scoring against backups and walk-ons. Dellinger on the field more than twice per game is a huge sign that Terry Malone might be good.

Second, we are in desperate need of a kicker. Paul Griggs was, in a word, awful in 2015. He was 5 of 11 on field goal attempts and was so bad (plus the offense was so horrid) that he did not even attempt a field goal in six straight games.His longest made kick was only from 34 yards and the other four makes were from 22 yards or closer (so Purdue should have just gone for it, since that is from inside the 5 yard line).Basically, beyond an extra point Griggs was not reliable, and he even missed a couple of those plus a short kick vs. Bowling Green.

Dellinger has a huge leg. Here he is making a 57 yard field goal this past season. He can easily be Purdue's kicker from day 1 and be the top sign of an improved offense.