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H&R Podcast: Episode 1 (take 2)

Since one of our writers accidentally deleted the original post...

Run away before this post gets deleted!
Run away before this post gets deleted!
Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

Since Drew (TheLegendOfShawnMcCarthy) made a not-so legendary move by accidentally deleted the original post with the podcast, we're reposting it on here. (BTW: he's the same person who accidentally delete the game thread after the game yesterday.)

Just a reminder that you can also follow us on Sound Cloud (Drew doesn't have permissions over there, yet...), and we also applied to have our podcast on Stitcher Radio, and we might apply to iTunes as well. You can also download the podcast through SoundCloud on the off chance that it gets deleted (yes, I'm still calling you out, Drew), and we have mp3 back ups through SB Nation and on our personal machines.

Okay, enough criticism of Drew before he deletes this post on purpose. To recap, we talked about Purdue's win against Maryland, the next 2 games, B1G tournament seeding and overall B1G outlook (note: we did this BEFORE the Iowa/Ohio State game, so some of our predictions are already incorrect).