Yogi the Thief

I have a goddaughter who, while only 14, is becoming quite the hoopster. She has a nice three point shot, and I'm trying to encourage her to be a Chris Kramer style lock down defender. She makes her free throws.

Of course, she has faults. She's a big Dook fan, but it's her love of Yogi Ferrell that has fueled most of the trash talking between us this week.

To yank her chain, I told her that Indiana fans refer to Ferrell's steals as "Pic-a-nic Baskets" To this she asked, "is this because he picks off the pass and scores?". Man I feel old.

Which of our Boilers is gonna assume the Mr Ranger role on Saturday and keep Yogi honest?

Boiler UP! Hammer Down!! POTFH!!!

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