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2016 Purdue Football Season Tickets Now On Sale

Someone talk T-Mill down from the ledge.

2016 Purdue Football: Paper bag not included.
2016 Purdue Football: Paper bag not included.
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Of all the schemes to separate me from my hard earned money that come through e-mail it is not a Nigerian prince that I keep falling for. No. It is the following:

"2016 Football Season Ticket Renewal!"


Am I really doing this again?

I said this to our fellow writers here in our group text and got the following responses:

Jumboheroes: Hey, it's your money

TheLegendofShawnMcCarthy: Can't you write them off as a business expense?

Casey Bartley: And light them on fire for warmth?

Me: It's Purdue football. If I let them on fire for warmth the fire would likely be intercepted and burn my house down.

Juan Crespo: Maybe you could file your tickets as a charitable donation and get a tax deduction. After all, Purdue athletics is a non-profit.

Twitter was no help, either:

So why would I do this? Purdue is a 6-30 team over the last three years and did not show much of any reason this offseason that it will be demonstrably better. The coaching staff has failed time and again to show any improvement, and because the Burke tenure is ending in June of 2017 not only is this year a potential lame duck season under Darrell Hazell, there is the strong possibility that he will return in 2017 simply because Burke will punt and let his replacement handle getting a new coach. Even the silent protest of not renewing won't make a difference, and it takes away vital money the basketball program and other teams need.

But my son likes to go and spend time with his grandparents.

The poor kid doesn't know any better and I probably need child services called on me for raising him a Purdue fan. He won't be three until April, so he doesn't know any better yet.

I have been a season ticket holder since 1987, when I started going with my parents at age 8. I am a Purdue alum, the son of a Purdue alum, and I have seen Purdue play football in 14 different stadiums in eight different states from Pennsylvania to Hawaii.

I am doing this again, aren't I?