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Seth Davis Continues to Be An Idiot

Here is some bulletin board fodder for a bye week.

Sean Dougherty-USA TODAY Sports

For those that were fans of Hammer & Rails way back in the early days (And we're just about to hit 7 years on SB Nation) you may remember a segment called "Defend That, Digger!" it did not last very long, but it basically pointed out the gross inconsistencies of Digger Phelps loving the OMG TOTALLY AWESOME BIG EAST and the ACC at the expense of the Big Ten. It kind of fell apart after a while when I harped on LeMoyne beating a totally awesome Syracuse team in an exhibition too much. Since Iowa also lost to a Division II team this year we can see that means very little.

What we should point out is the general idiocy of Seth Davis. Davis writes for Sports Illustrated and has been a CBS analyst for many years. He is also an idiot. There is a lot of anger towards him from the Big Ten. Maryland fans hate him. Michigan fans hate him. Wisconsin fans hate him. It goes beyond the Big Ten too. Providence, UCLA, Syracuse, and UConn hate him.

So why do we hate him? Well, for four weeks now he has refused to rank Purdue on his AP Poll ballot. That's right. Purdue has been in the top 25 all season, is 19-4, is in the top 15 of the KenPom index and top 25 of the RPI. That's not good enough for Davis, however. This week he had VALPARAISO (Who has lost to Ball State and their best win is over Oregon State) in his top 25, but not Purdue. Now Valpo is an excellent team and a squad that can be a 12 over 5 upset quite easily in round 1, but they are not a top 25 team.

He was taken to task on this, and responded thusly:

Jerry Palm has our back though:

Of course, there is still time to win over Seth, and that is simply by winning. Purdue plays a top 25 team four times in the last nine games and goes to a team receiving votes in Michigan. Win some games here and he, along with everyone else, will have no choice but to vote for Purdue. Winning cures all ills.

As long as A.J.Hammons continues to be the Destroyer of Worlds we'll be fine.