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New “Street Fight Between the Whistles” Shirt Now available!

Our partners at GameDay Depot have done it again!

In honor of new football coach Jeff Brohm we have a new shirt available in our custom t-shirt shop through GameDay Depot. They have designed some good ones for us int he past like the Boiler Skyline and the Defense Lives Here, but they have really come up with a good one here:

The design is based off of Brohm’s “Street Fight Between the Whistles” phrase and comes on a black shirt. You can order wither a men’s or a women’s design and because each shirt is custom made it takes 10 business days for production and shipping.

I know it has been awhile since we have done a shirt here, but we are limited through Purdue licensing as to what we can and cannot do. they shut down the Boiler Skyline one last year, but this one should be able to stay up a bit longer.