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Purdue Football is Thirsty: Brohm offered Head Coaching Job

Sources say Purdue has offered Brohm the head coaching position if he wants it... please?

NCAA Football: C-USA Championship-Louisiana Tech at Western Kentucky Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Well, Purdue football has chosen their man. Unfortunately, we’re still waiting for him to call us back.

While there’s no official word from Purdue, it’s become pretty clear with the exits of Fleck and Miles as possibilities, that Brohm either was always or is now our man. Of course, having it released that there is an offer on the table before that offer is accepted isn’t the most flattering of angles.

Jeff Brohm has a 30-10 record since taking over in 2014 at Western Kentucky, including winning two straight USA Conference Championships.

Purdue is not Brohm’s only suitor. He has had talks with Baylor about taking over Art Brile’s football program. As well, he might be offered the recently vacated Cincinnati job. One can argue the possible merits of all these programs in comparison with Purdue, but the harsh truth is that Purdue’s main draw is the fact they’re in the B10 with a new AD who is ready to let the cobwebs out of the athletic department’s wallets.

It’s good Purdue offered. They can’t afford to play cat and mouse. However, one must be a little alarmed at us appearing so thirsty towards a coaching candidate. Maybe it’s different trying to attract a coach than a date, but in general, desperation is not attractive.

But at least now we know it’s in Brohm’s hands.

Will he check Yes or No?