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Uh-Oh, Tommy Tuberville Stepped Down at Cincinnati

So, uh, this isn’t good.

NCAA Football: C-USA Championship-Louisiana Tech at Western Kentucky Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

It seemed like we were all finally settling in on the fact that Jeff Brohm was going to be our next head coach. We were over, crying and whining that Les Miles (which never was going to happen) and PJ Fleck were not coming to West Lafayette. So we were down to our 3rd option, maybe BoBo’s first, but in our fan’s eyes, the third, of Jeff Brohm.

A man who has rebuilt Western Kentucky, has an explosive offense with little to no defense. We were settling in. But hold your horses there Boilermaker fans, we were teased once again.

Last night, T-Mill and the entire Twitter world was freaking out because he has an interview with Baylor. Baylor is better chance to win right now than Purdue, but still it is a dumpster fire from Art Briles.

I was always more worried about Cincinnati. The worst has come. With Cincy opening up, we could be getting into a bidding war for Brohm’s services. Cincy is better suited to win now, as Purdue is a complete rebuild.

We could be looking at our 4th, 5th, or 6th options here if Brohm is plucked away from us. These being Troy Calhoun, Brock Spack and Skip Holtz. All are okay guys, but with Purdue saying earlier in the year that they are ready to open up the checkbook, we want and need a guy like Fleck or Brohm.

Calhoun would be a solid fit as well, he has NFL experience, so we wouldn’t reallt need to worry about seeing a Wing T in Ross-Ade. He has pretty much maxed out potential at Air Force and got the most out of what he gets there, as it is extremely hard to recruit for an academy.

Spack would have been a nice hire in 2008. But he is still a Purdue guy, so who knows. I will leave it at that.

Holtz got beat by Brohm in the C-USA championship, he has reinvented, LA Tech. He has midwest ties and wouldn’t be a bad fit, but we don’t want option 6.

The next couple of days will be interesting. As T-Mill always says, if you want great information on all of this, head over to but we will provide you with anything we hear as well.