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Purdue Football Coaching Staff: Tony Levine Hired

Coach Brohm reeled in a good one today.

NCAA Football: Western Kentucky at Florida Atlantic Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

About two weeks ago, I posted a list of who I though could possibly be coming to West Lafayette to join Coach Brohm’s staff. Some of them were dreams, most were educated guesses, or well, just guesses. I was sort of right on Tony Levine’s role though:

This is a great get for Coach Brohm, an assistant that will take on three roles, Special Teams Coordinator, Co-OC & Tight Ends coach. On my previous article, that you can see here. I said that Levine would be our special teams coordinator, but I did’t expect he would be hired on as the Co-OC and Tight Ends coach. There goes my prediction with Gerard Parker as the Tight Ends guy.

We will keep you updated on who is being hired, as Coach Brohm said, there would be more information coming out between Christmas and the New Year. Here is the first domino, we have many more to come.

Welcome aboard, Coach Levine!