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Update: Jacquil Taylor Injury

Well, don’t get your hopes up on seeing the big man anytime soon.

NCAA Basketball: Howard at Purdue Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the continued wait to see if Jacquil Taylor will live up to his potential is put on hold for even longer.

I am starting to wonder if this is going to just be an injury plagued career. Taylor, a 6’11” Redshirt Sophomore has played very little since coming to West Lafayette, last year there was a log jam in the 4/5 spots to where he couldn’t get time with Hammons, Haas & Swanigan taking the majority of the minutes.

Before the season, many of us predicted Taylor to have a vital role in the rotation as our 3rd big man. He came to campus with the recruiting class that put our Boilers back on track, with Mathias, PJ, Haas & Vincent Edwards. But, he is the only one yet to produce meaningful minutes.

When being recruited there was much speculation that he would have been a 4* prospect if it wasn’t for a foot injury that kept him out almost an entire year. That foot injury also plagued him his first year on campus. Currently, it is an ankle injury that is holding him back.

We saw a glimpse of hope last year when Taylor posted a double double in limited minutes against Rutgers, we saw nice athleticism, post play and range with knocking a couple of three pointers down.

For now, we continue to wait.. and wait for the production we want and need from him. If the injury takes him into March, I don’t see him getting even close to touching the rotation we have right now. Our rotation is tight and it is working, it will be hard for Spike to get back in it too in my opinion.

Until then, we will wait and hope that Taylor’s health starts to look up. We will need his help next season, assuming Biggie bolts for the league.