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Purdue Football Assistants: Who is Coming?

What coaches could possibly come from Western Kentucky to fill our empty voids on the coaching staff?

NCAA Football: Western Kentucky at Alabama Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

So, we have taken Jeff Brohm from WKU. But, who will follow? There are a plethora of positions that still need filled. Everyone is all but gone, besides our beloved Gerard Parker. Time is ticking to fill out the staff, but one would think that there might be some announcements tomorrow afternoon on an updated staff. The reason? Western Kentucky is playing in their bowl game tonight, many have anticipated that once that is over we will hear something new. Here is a break down of what we have in place and an absolute guess on who will fill the other spots.

* = educated guess

Head Coach: Jeff Brohm

*Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks: Brian Brohm. Why not bring the little brother along? Brian was hired at WKU last season as the OC/QB coach. I would imagine that Jeff will call the plays, but there always needs to be a number two. There were rumors right away after Jeff was hired that he would bring little bro along, I expect this to happen pretty soon.

Wide Receivers: JaMarcus Shepard. He was hired shortly after Brohm took the job. He comes from Washington State’s air raid offense. His roots though, are in Indiana. He played at D3 Depauw.

*Running Backs: Chris Barclay. T-Mill informed me that WKU running back has over 1500 yards and 26 touchdowns this season, I would imagine with that type of production Brohm will try and bring Barclay along. If so, Markell Jones and company would be a pretty happy backfield.

*Offensive Line: Dale Williams. Again, another WKU assistant, it makes too much sense to not bring these guys over. With all of the offensive success that they have had in the past 3 years, we should welcome any of these assistants with open arms.

*Tight Ends/Recruiting Coordinator: Gerard Parker. I really believe that Brohm has a position etched out for Parker. The players, more than likely, supported him if Brohm asked any questions over him. While we didn’t win a game over the final 6 games, Parker brought a competitive team every Saturday to the field. He is still young, and with tagging along with Brohm on recruiting trips, I wonder if recruiting coordinator is in his future.

*Defensive Coordinator: Nick Holt. I think if it was anyone else it would have been announced by now. Holt was hopeful to be the next head coach at WKU, but that went to Notre Dame former OC Mike Sanford. Don’t worry, his defenses at WKU have not been as bad as many think. Their rush defense has generally been pretty good. Really, they kept most teams in check, but Skip Holtz La Tech team scored a lot of points against him.

These upcoming defensive position coaches are real shots in the dark.. & some dreaming on my part.

*Defensive Backs: Rod Woodson. Why not? He is from Indiana, one of the best defensive backs in school history as well as NFL history. There was rumors he was trying to actually get the head coaching gig, but he just doesn’t have enough coaching experience yet. Currently, he is the assistant DB coach for the Raiders, come home Rod and take control of your own secondary, no need to be an assistant any longer.

*Linebackers: Roosevelt Colvin? I just want to get away from taking all of Brohm’s assistants from WKU. Colvin is currently working with BTN as an analyst, but openly supports his Boilers on the Twittersphere. The two time Super Bowl Champion knows how to win and play linebacker, let him come coach up Markus Bailey and Bentley, that would be fun.

*Defensive Line: Reggie Johnson. Another stolen product from WKU. He is from Chicago, that could help with recruiting the big city. There is talent all over there that we could use right down the road in West Lafayette. Brohm wants to make recruiting the midwest a priority, this could help.

*Special Teams Coordinator: Tony Levine. Brohm said that he plans on bringing one of the best special teams coordinators in the nation to Purdue. You would think it was his from WKU. Levine was also the Co-OC there and helped with recruiting. He seems like too valuable of an asset to let slip through our hands. Get him here, coach!

Like previously stated, these are all shots in the dark. I am confident in saying that we will know more by this weekend. With the WKU bowl ending tonight to conclude their season the rest of the dominoes will start to fall shortly.