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Report: Jeff Brohm Reportedly Purdue’s Top Candidate, Fleck Still Possible

The coaching search is winding to a close.

Miami Beach Bowl - South Florida v Western Kentucky Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Yesterday it was made pretty clear that Les Miles is not on Purdue’s radar any more. Today it looks like Purdue has a “leader in the clubhouse” if you will, but nothing is certain. this comes from the sports director at WEHT in Evansville:

Parmley is a WKU alum, where Brohn is currently coaching. He faces off against Louisiana Tech in tomorrow’s Conference USA title game. Brohm has WKU at 9-3 this year and averaging 43.8 points per game. They have only lost to Alabama, Vanderbilt (by 1) and Louisiana Tech.

Again, this is nothing positive, but several other places that seem to think Brohm is the guy and there will be an announcement on Monday or Tuesday. P.J. Fleck at Western Michigan and Troy Calhoun appear to be the other two top candidates right now.

So what does this mean for a timeline? Well, Fleck gets the first shot mostly likely as his title game is tonight. I would imagine Purdue will at least chat with him tomorrow, but could they convince him to commit by Monday? Oregon and Baylor may sweep in for him too.

Purdue will then likely speak with Brohm tomorrow or Sunday after his title game. that likely moves any announcement to Monday depending on who says what.

As for Calhoun, I am betting he is the No. 3 choice right now because if Purdue really wanted him they could have him right now since his regular season is over.

Again, none of this is a guarantee. Fleck’s team plays tonight and Brohm’s plays tomorrow at noon. We’ll see what happens.