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Predictions: Who Will be our Next Head Football Coach?

H&R staff weigh in with predictions of who our next head coach will be in West Lafayette.

NCAA Football: Vanderbilt at Western Kentucky Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Predictions are fun, right? Not only here at H&R, everyone has been trying to throw darts at who will take over our football program in the next couple of days. There have been claims that it is looking like Brohm, but this is Purdue, so let us mentally prepare for anything. I want to reiterate, we have no insider information, these are just educated guesses based off what we want and what we have learned. We have big money on who is right here, so don’t forget to throw in your opinion at the bottom of the comments section.

Let us start with our fearless leader:

T-Mill: I think it will be Brohm. As much as I amd others want Fleck, with Baylor and Oregon open I think they have the booster money to pluck him from us. Oregon has the nicest facilities in the country plus uncle Phil. Baylor has a brand new stadium and rich Texans. We have the promise of a new facility and plans for stadium upgrades. Unless Fleck really wants to come here he can get poached easily.

Jumbo Heroes: All signs are currently pointing to Brohm and who am I to go against the wisdom of the folks who are out there doing the actual work. The guy has sure made a name for himself offensively at WKU. A few friends of mine went to WKU but they don't seem real thrilled with him for various reasons. My main concern, and one echoed by my friends, would be that he hasn't built the team up on his own. He's not been there with ONLY his players. My fear is that Brohm turns into another Hazell who had a couple good seasons (one in Hazell's case) but did it on the back of someone else's recruiting. Travis did a good article about Brohm's recruiting in October that puts my mind at ease a bit but it's still what I worry about. There are no guarantees in college football but one thing that would help Purdue get back into the mix would be an identity, any identity, on either side of the ball. Brohm would certainly give Purdue's offense an identity and maybe even make Purdue football fun. Is that enough to pull this team out of the cellar? I don't know but I think it's a good starting point.

Holmes: I think it will be Brohm. I am hopeful that Fleck comes, but I think he may set his sights on a bigger Power 5 school. Calhoun would be my second choice, but I think Purdue likes Brohm as #2 behind Fleck.

Holderfield: Who do I want? Fleck, all day everyday, twice on Sunday. But, I am a realist and I think he will either stay for one more year there, or bolt for a program that is less of a rebuild. I believe it will be Brohm as everyone else has stated. He will bring an exciting offense and improved recruiting to West Lafayette. What about the defense though? If we outscore everyone, that is fine, but he will need to bring on a solid defensive coordinator to shore up the defense. Basketball on grass might be close to coming back to Purdue, bring back the glory days!

*** Predictions were made before more information came out on Brohm on 12/2.

It is looking like we will name our next head coach this weekend or early next week. Either way, the new era of Purdue football is near. It is an exciting time to be a Boilermaker fan after four years of peril at the hands of Hazell.