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Matt Haarms To Enroll in January

According to GBI the 7’2 big will arrive sooner than expected.

NCAA Basketball: Cleveland State at Purdue Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

According to the good folks over at Gold and Black, who you should definitely follow on twitter and pay for their delightful service, 2017 big man signee Matt Haarms will be coming to Purdue sooner than expected. I’ll grant you one guess as to why this is happening. It’s because the NCAA is where time goes to die. If you’ll recall there was a question regarding Haarms eligibility due to him playing on an overseas club team. Apparently the NCAA has decided in all of their infinite wisdom that his eligibility clock has thus already started as of this year. That means that were Haarms not to come to Purdue his redshirt year would have been him not being at Purdue. Seems a bit odd. Not sure when this was decided by the NCAA but I like to imagine them just now telling Haarms and his family this news. It would be perfect NCAA.

For Purdue this means the big man will be on campus, and eligible to practice and play come January. While it’s highly unlikely that the young man will play this season, it would have to be some serious misfortunes for that to come to pass, having him there to practice could benefit Haas and Biggie. This is especially important with the injury to Taylor meaning there is one less big man to practice against. Keep in mind Haarms is listed at 7’2 225 lbs. He is not a small man. The question all the announcers will want to know though is, what size shoe does he wear?

One final note, if you squint Haarms looks a bit like former Boilermaker Ryne Smith. This is apropos of nothing other than I just noticed it. Maybe it’s the hair.