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Report: Les Miles Out As Purdue Candidate

The #LesMiles4Purdue hashtag can be retired

Jacksonville State v LSU Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

It appears there will be now Les MIles at Purdue despite our tenure as the only Big Ten program that has always had a grass field. Brent McMurphy at ESPN has said that he is no longer an possibility to replace Darrell Hazell:

Miles had also been mentioned for the opening at Purdue, but sources said that was no longer a possibility.

The article states that he is a possibility for Houston along with Lane Kiffin.

I am not too surprised by this. With Miles being on the open market for longer than Purdue has had an opening I expected an announcement before now if he were going to take over at Purdue. It looks like Purdue is going to go all-in on one of the candidates that is currently in a conference championship game this weekend. that would imply that we’re going for Fleck, Bohl, or Brohm, who all have games this weekend.

The waiting continues.