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Old Oaken Bucket Stays in Exile; Purdue 24-IU 26

Mercifully this season is over.

NCAA Football: Purdue at Indiana Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

And just like it’s over. Purdue had every chance in the world to win this game today but just couldn’t. The Purdue defense did their part with 4 interceptions (one from a hail mary at the end of the first half). The defense got stops when they needed them and held this high powered IU offense to just 26 points. The offense failed Purdue today. Without a doubt. Let’s take a look at some of the many things that went wrong for the Purdue offense today.

  • Purdue got an extra point blocked.
  • After the PAT was blocked Parker tried to go for two after the next TD and it failed. This would come back to haunt Purdue as the team could’ve kicked a field goal to tie the game near the end of regulation instead of going for it on fourth down.
  • A terrible penalty by Jason King led to a drive being stopped instead of perhaps going forward for points. The defense wound up forcing an IU punt on the ensuing possession but who knows what could have happened.
  • Blough threw two interceptions.
  • The running game could do nothing today.
  • The offensive line was like a sieve letting everyone and everything through throughout the entire game. It’s amazing Blough is alive.

That’s just a sampling of the things that team did wrong today. Not to mention the multiple overthrows by Blough, a questionable PI call on Purdue during IUs last drive.

There was just something beautiful and poetic about the game essentially ending on a 4th down interception thrown by Blough intended for Yancey. If there’s a signature for this season that may be it. Your heart hurts for these seniors and these coaches who went four long years losing to Indiana each and every time. They will remember that for the rest of their lives. You and I get to move on, these guys don’t.

You have to give IU credit, as hard as that is to do, for going out and improving over these last five or so years. IU spent the money needed, they hired the coaches to fit their system, they scheduled enough cupcakes to get fat early in the season, and they vastly improved their defense. Also, a very smart play at the end of the game to run back and take the safety rather than give Purdue more time to work with. Now, let’s hope they get crushed in their bowl game.

Today marks the end of the short Parker era barring some sort of strange revelation by Bobinski in the coming weeks. Kudos to him and the staff for keeping this team together throughout a really rough season. All eyes now turn to Bobinski as he prepares to make possibly the biggest hire he has ever made. Purdue football is at the lowest point it’s been during my lifetime. Purdue must have someone dig them out. The question now becomes who that is going to be. All we can do is wait and see.

Ever grateful, ever true.