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Rumor: PJ Fleck Possibly Purdue’s Next Coach per Bob Kravitz

Is the boat being rowed to West Lafayette?

NCAA Football: Toledo at Western Michigan Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

I will let this speak for itself:

That’s Bob Kravitz, the former lead columnist for the Indianapolis Star and he is now a lead writer for WTHR in Indianapolis, the local NBC affiliate. Kravitz is usually pretty tied in to things, so it seems like this could have some legs.

As we saw on reports earlier int he week, the job was supposedly Fleck’s if he wants it, but we may be waiting a bit. Fleck has publically said that he wants to wait until at least the end of hte regular season. After beating Toledo last night Western Michigan is 12-0 and headed to next Friday’s MAC championship game in Detroit. They are also playing for a possible New Year’s Day Bowl bid in one of the six major bowls.

We’ll see how this develops over the new few hours, of course, but this is some potential big news. We’ll also listen for Les Miles.