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Purdue at Indiana: H&R Staff Picks

Please, let’s have the Bucket back safe in West Lafayette in 24 hours.

NCAA Football: Wisconsin at Purdue Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The staff does not think the Bucket will be back home and safe in West Lafayette tomorrow. We think it will be in its longest exile in seven decades. We hate ourlseves for that. most of these picks are made with the heart instead of the head, but at least we can live with the fact that if Purdue wins, we deny Indiana a bowl and hang them with the embarrassment of a loss to a crappy Purdue team.

Here is our history for the year, with Juan going 10-1 going into this game:

Rob St. Claire

Last chance at my stupid optimism paying off for Purdue Football this year. All we really have to do is put on blue jerseys and an elephant on our helmets, and IU has no chance!

Purdue 34, Indiana 27. Give us the bucket back!

Andrew Holmes

What kind of Boiler would I be if I chose us to lose the Bucket? Purdue 35, Indiana 31

Juan Crespo

​Shhhh, sshhhh, it'll be over soon. That School in Bloomington 80, Purdue 35

Kyle Holderfield

I don't know why I am doing this. But I have a feeling we get it done. Somehow.

Purdue 34, Indiana 31

Jack Walker

Purdue does have a chance as anything can happen in a bucket game. IU played Michigan and Ohio State tough and Purdue just doesn't have anything to speak of on their resume. For the first time in forever IU has a good defense. Indiana 35, Purdue 24

Casey Bartley

Purdue 38, Indiana 34

Drew Schneider

Purdue 36, Indiana 27

Andrew Ledman

I so very much want to pick Purdue. I want to. I just don't know how it's possible that I can. Purdue has looked better under Parker but better here is a relative term. Sadly, IU has eclipsed Purdue in football over the last years. That might be the saddest sentence I've ever written. I will be watching and hoping for Purdue to win but I just don't see it as likely. Now, if you don't mind I'm going to get eat some leftover turkey and pumpkin pie cheesecake my wife made. It was delicious. It will help me drown my sorrows from typing this. Indiana 48, Purdue 31


It is a flat out embarrassment that Darrel Hazell has lowered Purdue to the point that they have lost three in a row to Indiana and they are a 20 point underdog to the Hoosiers in game for. This is on him. I really hate to pick Indiana because they are not good, but they are far better than Purdue. This will likely go a lot like the other five games since Hazell’s firing. Purdue will come out inspired and might even lead at halftime. Then the depth will come out. Purdue leads 21-17 at the half, but loses. Indiana 41, Purdue 24