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Rumor: Les Miles Reportedly Close to Being Purdue’s Next Coach?

We knew the coaching search could end this week, but this quickly?

LSU v Auburn Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

If you had dreams of #LesMiles4Purdue, your dreams just might be coming true:

Griffiths, as you may know, is the former editor of Gold and Black Illustrated (Purdue’s site) and still has a lot of close Purdue ties, at least closer than we have. Miles has long been rumored to be a possible candidate, but he has not been officially confirmed as having even interviewed yet. He is shopping himself around, however, and Purdue looks to be one of the better landing spots because he clearly wants to get back into the game at a Power 5 program. He has also said he wants a challenge and Purdue would definitely be a challenge. He later recanted, slightly:

So we don’t have anything concrete from this and I cannot stress that enough. There does seem to be some gathering smoke, however, and the athletic department has said they would prefer to get this wrapped up as close to the end of the season as possible. I could potentially see a pre-Indiana announcement If only because it does give more of a jump on recruiting, but we will see. If there is a pre-Indiana announcement that almost certainly rules out Fleck, Calhoun, and Holtz, as they still have games to play.