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Purdue 20, Wisconsin 49 - It’s Almost Over

Are we really surprised?

NCAA Football: Wisconsin at Purdue Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

During the broadcast of today’s game on ABC the Aflac trivia question came on the screen. For those that didn’t watch the question was “Who was the starting QB the last time Purdue beat Wisconsin at home?” I immediately knew the answer and it immediately hit me how long ago that was. Billy Dicken was the QB for Purdue the last time Purdue beat Wisconsin at home. 19 years ago in 1997. That’s right, Purdue hasn’t beaten Wisconsin at home in 19 years. Drew Brees couldn’t do it. Kyle Orton couldn’t do it. None of the many QBs since could do it either. We had little reason to believe that David Blough could do it today and sure enough, Purdue got trounced.

Just like every other time these two teams play you can expect a heavy dose of running from Wisconsin and Purdue trying to keep up by passing. You can also expect a heavy dose of defense from Wisconsin. Today that took the shape of a TJ Watt, yes he’s related to JJ, pick six. This came just a few short seconds after the Badgers punched it in on the ground. That resulted in 14 points for Wisconsin in a span of eight seconds. Eight seconds, 14 points. Check and mate. Purdue just isn’t a team that is built to keep up with that type of scoring, or really prevent it in the long run.

There were some bright spots today though as Blough and Yancey connected on a beautiful 75 yard TD pass. Yancey had a couple long grabs and wound up with 155 yards on the day. He also grabbed a second TD in the fourth quarter. In order to get to 1,000 yards on the season Yancey would need a very good game against IU but it’s not out of the question. A second bright spot was the play of Jake Replogle as he returned from injury. The guy started the game with tackles in the backfield and as a great run stopper. Unfortunately, he’s just one man. You have to wonder if perhaps he had played all season long if maybe Purdue could have pulled one more of these games out. Oh what might have been.

As it stands though Purdue falls to 3-8 on the year and we mercifully have just one game left on the season. This has been an exhausting season as a fan but it will all soon be over. Thank goodness for the football/basketball crossover at the end of the year to help us Purdue fans satiate our fandom.