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Wisconsin at Purdue: H&R Staff Picks

Hint: They aren’t favorable

NCAA Football: Purdue at Wisconsin Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

As head into the home stretch Juan can clinch at least a tie for the picks title among us. He is 9-1 on the year, missing only the Illinois game (thus making him the most pessimistic of us). Casey is 8-2, but has the best point differential.

They are in agreement with most of us this week, except for one of us, who might have been drunk and/or high when he submitted his pick. See if you can find him.

Andrew Ledman

I've always been a guy who sort of sees Purdue in the black and gold glasses of a superfan. Under Hope those glasses got untinted just a bit. Under Hazell someone sat on and broke my glasses. Though it's not Parker's fault he's now the recipient of my pessimism for Purdue football. I tried to give the team a shot last week by picking them over Northwestern and for about 1.5 quarters I looked prescient. We all know what happened after that. Purdue wasn't able to stop Wisconsin 12 years ago and Wisconsin has stayed the same or gotten better while it's fair to say Purdue has nosedived off a cliff while wearing a drill bit and spinning at a fast enough rate to dig themselves under ground. There's basically no chance Purdue pulls out this win over Wisconsin even with Replogle back. Wisconsin 52, Purdue 10

Andrew Holmes

Wisconsin will run all over us, just like they used to do when we actually had decent teams. Wisconsin 89, Purdue 7

Juan Crespo

If Burke really does get honored at this game, I expect the Wisconsin fans in attendance to give him a standing ovation. Thanks to him, Wisconsin has had a guaranteed win for the last 13 years. Wisconsin 65, Purdue 35(okay I really don't think Purdue will score at all, but I've underestimated their scores earlier in the season, so I'm just trying to get my numbers back to normal).

Jack Walker

Purdue has a chance to beat Wisconsin. I also have a chance of shooting NBA three pointers like Steph Curry. The bad weather and Badger coaches calling off the dogs will keep it from being even worse. Wisconsin 48, Purdue 10

Rob St. Claire


Kyle Holderfield

And I am being nice. Wisconsin 58, Purdue 21

Drew Schneider

Purdue 17, Wisconsin All the Points

Casey Bartley

Wisconsin 40, Purdue 12 because this isn't hard to predict anymore.


We get a national broadcast on ABC, but it will be cold, windy, rainy and very ugly on the field. There is a very strong potential for attendance to be under 20,000 actually in the stadium, which makes it even more appropriate when Morgan Burke is honored. It is my hope that the Wisconsin fans there (which will probably outnumber Purdue fans, and we thank you for chipping into our coffers) will help us in booing him. Just when I was hoping Purdue football might be moving forward even a little, the rumors of Skip Holtz and Greg Olson as incredibly underwhelming hires make me wonder if Burke’s parting gift is a hand in hiring Hazell’s replacement. Wisconsin is playing for a Big Ten title and possibly a playoff spot. Purdue is playing because it is contractually obligated by the Big Ten to do so. Wisconsin 57, Purdue 10