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More Details on Purdue Football Players Accused of Rape

The four have not officially been charged.

NCAA Football: Indiana State at Purdue Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Joseph Paul of the Lafayette Journal & Courier has reported that the four unknown players have not been formally charged as yet and they may not face charges, but more details about the incident have come forward:

The Journal & Courier on Wednesday obtained police reports related to the investigation, which included statements from the women and the football players.

The two women told police they were drinking wine at their apartment when one began messaging a football player about having a threesome. Eventually, he picked picked them up and took them to a residence 800 block of Hayes Street in West Lafayette.

There, investigators say, they reportedly drank more alcohol and smoked marijuana with four football players before the women asked for a ride to a nearby sorority house. By 12:30 a.m., the females requested a ride back to the Hayes Street apartment, according to the police report.

The women told police they began having sex with two of the football players in a bedroom upstairs. After several minutes, the other two footballs players who were in the room at the time initiated unwanted sex with them, they said. When questioned by police, the football players said they believed the sex was consensual but said, however, that one of the women asked one of the men to stop, and he did.

In separate statements to investigators, all parties said nobody was intoxicated to the point of being incapacitated that night.

The reports were forwarded to the Tippecanoe County Prosecutor's Office, which said on Wednesday that no criminal charges were filed after a review of evidence, according to a statement from Prosecutor Pat Harrington.

Julie Rosa, assistant vice president for strategic communications at Purdue, confirmed the four athletes have been suspended from the football team and are under investigation by the university. The Journal & Courier is not naming them because they have not been arrested or charged.

Another piece of information was shared near the end of the article:

An additional student has come forward citing a similar situation involving Purdue football players, the release states.

While the players have not been identified, there are a few players that have been suspended for a “violation of team rules” for several weeks now. The incident reportedly occurred on October 13th.