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Northwestern at Purdue: H&R Staff Picks

We’re feeling optimistic this week!

Purdue v Northwestern Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

Can Purdue win tomorrow? There is at least some optimism. It is certainly a winnable game, but the Boilers must overcome their tendency to fall apart in the third quarter. Before getting into the picks, let’s see how our staff standings look:

And now, onto this week’s picks:

Juan Crespo

Purdue plays well in the first half, but then doesn't play well in the 2nd half, leading to a loss. (This is a scheduled post) Purdue 35, Northwestern 48

Casey Bartley

Competent teams really scare me. Despite the record, wildcats are competent. Northwestern 37, Purdue 22

Kyle Holderfield

2nd half collapse, per usual. Northwestern 35, Purdue 21

Andrew Ledman

I expect the young team who is suffering suspensions and now injuries to players like Jacqu...wait football? You want me to give you a football prediction? Oh're going to have to give me a second on that.











Okay, Purdue football plays Northwestern tomorrow. Northwestern hasn't exactly been great this year as they currently sit at 4-5 and Purdue has looked somewhat better after the firing of Hazell and the promotion of Parker. Could this be the game that Purdue finally breaks through and wins? Honestly, I think it might be. If Purdue can limit turnovers and do something, anything, in the third quarter I think they can win this game. I'm going out on a limb here and picking Purdue. This isn't just any limb it's a limb that survived a hurricane, has a crack in it, and my weight might cause it to come crashing down. Purdue 35, Northwestern 33

Jack Walker

The triumvirate of Thorson-Carr-Jackson will probably make hay with Purdue's defense. However it is also probable that Blough will be able to sling the ball around all game. A major concern is the injuries at running back for Purdue. All the odds are in Northwestern's favor. Call me crazy, call it a gut feeling, but Purdue wins the turnover battle and hangs on in the second half to pull the upset. Coach Parker has to win sometime. The Wildcats have a hangover from playing Wisconsin. Purdue 34, Northwestern 30

Rob St. Claire

I've decided that I'm going to pick Purdue to win all the remaining games this season, so that if it miraculously happens one week I'll seem like some kind of genius. Purdue 27, Northwestern 21

Andrew Holmes

I have no real analysis on the game though because I have already moved on to basketball season. Purdue 28, Northwestern 24


When Darrell Hazell was fired just before the more difficult half of the season began I wanted just one more win. I wanted to win one game for the kids on this team that have been embattled and are now playing for a different coach. In fact, if you count the interim stint in the Heart of Dallas bowl, Gerad Parker is the fourth coach some of Purdue’s players have played under. I looked at this game as Purdue’s best chance for a win and still believe it. Northwestern has been up and down all year. If the team that hung with Ohio State shows up we’re in trouble. If the team that lost to Illinois State shows up we have a great chance. I think for one afternoon, at home, we hold on in the second half and take advantage of a beleaguered Wildcat secondary. Purdue 31, Northwestern 27