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Purdue Basketball’s Ryan Cline Suspended For Season Opener

Littering and...?

NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Maryland Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Purdue won its scrimmage tonight. That was expected. The Boilers won 85-63 over Southern Indiana in a game that went about as expected. Casey will have a more foprmal update later, but Isaac Haas had 25 points and Caleb Swanigan had 16. Purdue was playing with only 7 scholarship players, however.

One, we knew about early. Basil Smotherman is serving a three-competition suspension from an incident over the summer, so he missed this one and he will miss the secret scrimmage against West Virginia and the season opener against McNeese State. Jacquil Taylor missed tonight as a precaution after rolling his ankle. The third was a surprise, as it was announced just before tipoff that Ryan Cline will have the same suspension as Basil Smotherman:

Nathan Baird of the Lafayette Journal & Courier had a likely explanation:

It was a pretty minor offense, but also a dumb one. It is not hard, kids. If you’re a college athlete, don’t have the reefer. This isn’t Colorado. Or Oregon. Or Washington. Cline will now be the butt of jokes from opposing fans all season long and this is the first strike against him.

Cline and Smotherman are expected to debut on November 14th agaisnt Villanova.