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Purdue 34, Illinois 31 OT

NCAA Football: Purdue at Illinois
Win it for Domo
Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

I’m in disbelief. Purdue was without their best linebacker (Bentley), their best running back (Jones), a top WR (Domo Young) got injured during the game, and the replacement running back (Lankford-Johnson) also got hurt, but somehow they won. I’m not sure how. Purdue did everything they could to throw this game away up to and including stupid penalties, a back breaking turnover, and porous run defense against a second string QB. Of all ways to win a game Purdue kicked a game winning field goal in OT to take this one. I’m just shocked. Rather than explain this one beat by beat which wouldn’t really do it justice I’m gonna give you some highlights.

  • Purdue knocked out Wes Lunt on a very awful late hit from Purdue. Absolutely boneheaded play that resulted in his being removed from the game. Not sure what the specific injury was but let’s hope he’s okay.
  • Neither team could stop the run. Between the two teams there was a total of 546 rush yards. I honestly don’t know if there has been a game with that many rushing yards outside of the state of Wisconsin since the forward pass was invented.
  • No one could tackle, anyone, ever.
  • Lankford-Johnson and Richie Worship played incredibly well. Just absolutely incredible. Lankford-Johnson had 127 yards and Worship had 60. Those guys were incredible today.
  • With under two minutes to play David Blough was trying to throw the ball away but had his pass tipped and it resulted in his second INT by Illinois (the other one being on a hail mary to end the half). This gave Illinois a chance to win the game.
  • Darrell Hazell actually used ALL 3 TIMEOUTS to ice the Illinois kicker, who hasn’t missed a kick all year, and the kicker ACTUALLY MISSED!
  • Purdue won the coin toss and went on defense first. Somehow, Illinois picked that time to actually turn the ball over. Purdue recovered a fumble and all they needed was a field goal.
  • Then, this happened after Purdue ground out some yards.

That’s right, Purdue won a game. In overtime. By kicking a field goal. AMAZING!

Regardless of what you think of Hazell you can certainly get behind these players going out there and winning this game like that. For at least one Saturday this year Purdue football was fun again.

Much more to come.