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Purdue at Illinois: H&R Staff Picks

We’re unanimous this week in picking the Illini to keep the Cannon.

Purdue v Northwestern Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

Through a third of the season it looks like Juan is in the lead in our Staff picks:

Juan: 4-0

Casey: 3-1

Rob: 3-1

T-Mill: 2-2

Andrew Ledman: 2-2

Drew: 2-2

Kyle: 2-2

Andrew Holmes: 2-2

Jack: 2-2

Everyone was right in picking the win over Eastern Kentucky. Many were wrong in picking Purdue over Cincinnati and Nevada over Purdue. After this week it looks like the standings won’t change much because we’re all feeling pretty down even against Illinois:

Drew (TheLegendofShawnMacarthy)

Cthulhu eats both teams but only after Purdue runs out of the back of the end zone for a safety. Illinois 2, Purdue 0


Illinois in the battle of one coach who the team believes in, and one who can't get run out of town fast enough. One guess which is which. Illinois 34, Purdue 20

Andrew Ledman (Jumboheroes)

A loss. Another devastating, deflating, debilitating, denigrating loss. Seeing last week's game in person punched the optimism right out of me. Unless this team can drastically improve their third down defense, run defense, offensive line, QB play, kicking game, and basically everything else I don't see Purdue winning very many more (if any) games this season. It's oh so very depressing. Illinois 31, Purdue 10

Andrew Holmes

I still have some hope for our guys, but this already feels like a lost season. Illinois 27, Purdue 20


The game against Maryland proved that no real progress has been made, or will ever be made, in the Hazell era. Illinois has it's problems, but their defensive front is going to obliterate our offensive tackles and make Blough run for his life. Jones may not play or if he does, not at 100% health, and there won't be much in the way of holes opened up to run through anyway. Illinois probably has at least as good of a rushing team as Maryland. Purdue helps Lovie get back on track after some tough Illinois losses. Illinois 41, Purdue 17


Illinois isn't good, but Purdue is bad. Purdue will lose a closer one than the game at Maryland, which I'm sure Haze and Co. will chalk up as a win. Illinois 38, Purdue 21


Can mine just be... "we lose"? Illinois 42 Purdue 13


Uh you know all the current and former Purdue Petes get together and have a football game once a year? Illinois 31, Purdue 24 - I hate you for making me keep doing this.


This game is a microcosm of how bad things have gotten in West Lafayette. Illinois is not a good team. They probably won’t make a bowl game this year. I thoroughly expect them to blow Purdue out on Saturday. Right now the Boilers have five starters questionable at best with injuries (Ja’Whaun Bentley, Markell Jones, Evan Panfil, Matt McCann, and Jordan Roos). Jones and Bentley, arguably Purdue best players on each side of the ball, may not play at all. McCann and Roos will play banged up (along with Kirk Barron) but there is virtually no one to back them up. The offensive line is a mess going against a really good defensively line. The secondary situation is a mess with Leroy Clark unable to tackle and a couple of first year players playing at safety. I expect Illinois to run early and often on Purdue while still being able to throw at will on third down, and for David Blough to have no time to throw. Illinois 45, Purdue 10