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Purdue Vs. Maryland: Game Day Grades

I forgot to do these on Saturday. Oops

NCAA Football: Purdue at Maryland Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday was an awful day. Maryland out rushed us 400-10, that doesn’t bode well for any football program. Some no name running back had 200 yards on 7 carries. Let’s face it, we aren’t good. At all. 14 FCS Schools are ranked higher than us in the sagarin rankings, 14. We are in a terrible state right now. It isn’t the next coach that will fix it, he will be the fall guy, we are 2 coaches away from being relevant. I could go on and on, but here are the grades.

Offense - F

Do I really need to explain? We couldn’t get anything going.

Defense -F

See above, allowed 400 yards rushing. They could have played without a quarterback and beat us. It is all terrible. All three levels of defense struggled.

Special Teams - F

Missed early field goal, bad punts. Bad.

Coaching - F

The sooner Hazell is out, the sooner the rebuilding process can start. Murmurs are that it could be today or tomorrow, if not now it won’t be until the end of the season. The season is a loss.