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Purdue at Nebraska: H&R Staff Picks

We’re expecting to lose, but we’re still somehow upbeat.

NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at Purdue Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

For the first time in forever there is a small bit of optimism around here. Sure, we don’t expect to win tomorrow, but with Hazell gone and the Board of Trustees at least saying the right things when it comes to supporting the football program we have at least a glimmer of hope. I think the healing begins this week with a loss, but a more competitive loss. Here are the standings:

Juan: 5-1

Casey: 4-2

T-Mill: 3-3

Ledman: 3-3

Kyle: 3-3

Holmes: 3-3

Jack: 3-3

Rob: 3-3

Drew: 2-4

And on to the picks:

Rob St. Claire

Very little optimism here. Nebraska 41, Purdue 13

Juan Crespo

If Gerad Parker could pick his opponent for his first game as Purdue's interim coach (using only what's on Purdue's remaining schedule), this would probably be his penultimate pick (with Wisconsin being his last choice). It'll be interesting to see what he does, I have a feeling the players will rally around him, but Nebraska is a very good team looking for revenge after getting embarrassed in West Lafayette last year. Purdue 21, Nebraska 38

Kyle Holderfield

I'm going to say it won't be close. Parker seems motivated, but also seems overwhelmed. I'll take the top 10 team in this one. R.I.P. Hazell Nebraska 41, Purdue 10

Andrew Ledman

It's a whole new day for Purdue football on Saturday. The first game of the post Hazell era. May we never speak of those dark times again! Of course, it's not all that easy. Getting rid of Hazell doesn't change the problems on offense or defense, it doesn't suddenly help our injured players get back on the field, and it doesn't make Nebraska a worse team. Everything I have read and seen regarding Coach Parker gives me a little bit of hope that things could improve ever so slightly. Even if that's the case though I don't see Purdue taking Nebraska out two years in a row. Let's hope the players can show some spirit, some fight, and we can perhaps see what the next coach will have to work with during this next 6 games. Nebraska 49, Purdue 20

Jack Walker

Words cannot adequately express my elation over the coaching change. However, Purdue has no run defense. The Boilers will play better, but Nebraska has Newby, Ozigbo and Armstrong running with the rock, and the game is in Nebraska. Nebraska 45, Purdue 21

Andrew Holmes

Because fuck it, why not? Purdue 28, Nebraska 27

Casey Bartley

Because the damage has already been done this year. Nebraska 55, Purdue 16


Last season was dismal except for a gray Halloween afternoon in West Lafayette when Ryker Fyfe had the worst game I have ever seen from a college quarterback. Purdue won 55-45 over the Cornhuskers, but it wasn’t that Shoop had an offensive genius day or anything. The Cornhuskers handed Purdue five turnovers and Purdue took full advantage. Now Purdue heads to Lincoln for only the second time ever and they have an interim coach too. Reportedly, the mood is different and Gerad Parker is going to let it all hang out because we’re a team with nothing to lose. That might help, as will a Nebraska team that has let all three Big Ten opponents hang around. Purdue has also alternated good performances with absolute turd performances this year, and after last week’s terrible first half it is due for a good one. I am not expecting a win, but I think Purdue at least plays inside the 24 point spread. Unfortunately, Nebraska can still run all day. Nebraska 41, Purdue 24

Drew Schneider

Alcohol...yes, more, just keep em' coming until my head hits the table. Nebraska 31, Purdue 14