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Glenn Robinson III Burns Purdue With Tweet

The son of the Big Dog has a big sting for Purdue in a tweet.

Charlotte Hornets v Indiana Pacers Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Glenn Robinson is perhaps the best basketball player Purdue has ever had in its history. he was the 1994 No. 1 overall pick in the NBA draft and is generally considered as a legend in West Lafayette. His son is currently a starting defensive tackle on the football team and now his daughter is being recruited to participate in track at Purdue. His other son, Glenn Robinson III, is a rising player with the Indiana Pacers who played at Michigan, and with a tweet we know why:


Robinson was a 5-star recruit in the 2012 class that was rated 18th nationally by ESPN and 11th nationally by Rivals.

Purdue never even offered a scholarship.

Instead, Purdue got A.J. Hammons (NBA Draft pick), Rapheal Davis (Solid 4-year contributor), Ronnie Johnson (transferred after two seasons, now on his 3rd team) and Jay Simpson (promising, but retired due to a heart condition).

Perhaps Doug Griffiths was right when he said Purdue treats its alumni athletes poorly. GRIII did get his revenge, however, in 2014: