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P.J. Fleck to Purdue? Fleck Addresses Rumors


Western Michigan v Illinois Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Will P.J. Fleck row the boat to West Lafayette after the season? It appears that he at least knows their are rumors of his interest. In today’s media session for the Broncos the Battle Creek Enquirer said he addressed the rumors that Purdue would come after him:

"I’ve been part of rumors and speculation my entire life, and that will never change," he said. "It’s elite exposure for Western Michigan. My focus is on today, and that’s the way I’ve lived my life… I can’t control rumors or speculation, and I’ll never comment on rumors or speculation. Just like I didn’t in year one, or last year or the year before. I’m not interested in that. I’m interested in coaching this football team and being the best head coach I can be today - that’s all I’m focused on."

His quarterback also had something to say:

"That outside noise about coach Fleck maybe leaving or all the people putting pressure on us - we are such a tight-knit group and we only focus on us," he said. "He comes in and brings it every day, and that’s all we can ask from him. What everybody else says about him with other jobs, he deserves those jobs, 100 percent. He’s one of the best coaches in college football. And look what he’s done for us. He deserves to be mentioned in those categories… What everybody else says, it doesn’t matter. To us, he’s our football coach and he’s here and he present and he’s making us work hard and making us change our best and he’s doing the same. The rest is just outside noise that we can’t control."

Western Michigan is 7-0 and ranked in the top 25 for the first time in school history. Fleck is currently on a 6-year contract extension signed in 2014 that pays him $800,000 a year. He is also the second-youngest coach at the FBS level and has had the top-rated MAC recruiting class for three years in a row (and all three have been WELL ahead of Purdue nationally).