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Hazell Fired: What’s Next?

Our, uh, fearless leader of the past 3 1⁄2 seasons has been fired. Who do we look at to replace him?

Let’s take a look who could be our next head coach in West Lafayette. Granted, I could be completely wrong and have no actual source that gives me information, this is more a matter of opinion from talking to the guys and reading a few articles.

We need to hit a home run with this hire. Burke messed up with Hope and then he really screwed up with Hazell. For some reason, I have more faith in Bobo in his short time as AD than I ever did with Burke. He has shown a genuine interest in the program this week alone by agreeing to put some long over do lights in Ross Ade by next season, then again today by firing Hazell.

We don’t need Bobinski to be a big time AD with the basketball program, as that will take care of itself with Coach Painter and the newer facilities, we need him to stay focused on reinventing this football program, this starts now with the head coaching search. I want the new guy to be named before the end of the season, similar to the Hazell ordeal, so the recruiting process can start, but I also want time to be taken with this hire. Well, here are my guys that I would like to see in the Old Gold & Black, in no particular order.

Name: PJ Fleck

Position: Western Michigan HC

Why: “ROW THE BOAT!!!” Fleck is crazy, but good crazy. He has turned Western Michigan into a top 25 team this year sitting at 7-0. You could be thinking “Another MAC coach?” This is much different that DH, as he has shown success for 4 years at WMU pulling in solid recruiting classes. Athletes respond to his leadership and buy in, which is what we need. You can check him out on SportsCenter:

Chance: I really think it could happen, he might see a down program and want to turn it around. But, If he continues to have success like he is right now, bigger programs are going to come sniffing (Texas, LSU, Etc.)

Name: Les Miles

Position: Unemployed

Why: A national champion, a proven winner, gritty, great recruiter. Getting Les to Les Lafayette would be the big hire everyone wants from Bobo. He would improve recruiting tenfold. But what would it take to get him here? We have shown some commitment with the new facility we are building and with the lights. Les would more than likely demand some kind of renovation to Ross-Ade which is needed anyway, they say it is coming, but a big time coach like Miles could demand it, making it happen sooner rather than later.

Chance: I’m not sure; I don’t think Miles would want to come to a program in such shambles as Purdue. But he is a Big Ten guy, I see him more taking over a program that is more established, but with a down year. Don’t get your hopes up here.

Name: Greg Schiano

Position: Ohio State DC

Why: Schiano might not be too popular of a name, but being at Ohio State as a coordinator makes you think. He was the former coach of Rutgers before going to the NFL for a short stint with the Buccaneers. Obviously being back in college as a coordinator makes you think he wants to be back as a head coach at some point. While he isn’t an offensive mastermind, he can run a solid defense and is a coach with experience running a team. He would be expensive, but not as much as Miles.

Chance: I believe he will stay at Ohio State for another year to build his resume even more with those 5 star recruits all over the field for him. After that he could land a job with a more stable program.

Name: Tim Drevno

Position: Michigan OC

Why?: Anyone that is good with Jim is good with me. This is his 2nd year as the OC with Michigan. While he doesn’t have any Head Coaching experience, but has been coaching since 1991. He would bring a pro-style offense to the Holy Land. If he coaches under Harbaugh, you have to think he is a tough SOB. I believe that most coordinators have aspirations to be a head coach, but it is also fun beating teams like Rutgers 78-0 rather than be in a tight battle with them, like we would have to do.

Chance: Hmm. I think that he wants to be an OC somewhere, but would he want to stay in the B1G and face Jim? Not sure about that. I would love to see a hardnosed pro-style offense every Saturday.

Name: Ed Warriner

Position: Ohio State OC

Why?: The last offensive coordinator that left OSU has done, well better than average at Houston. Now, I don’t think the turnaround would be quite as quick in West Lafayette, as Indiana isn’t a hot bed for football players like the state of Texas is. He would bring the opposite style of offense to West Lafayette than Drevno, spread it out and run the ball.

Chance: I am all for getting an offensive coach from OSU. Urban Meyer disciples always do well, as they bring over the same play style and demeanor. Here is another one, where I am not sure if they stay in the B1G. But, this would be the type of hire I would personally love, coordinator from a big time program, has me drooling.

Name: Greg Olson

Position: Jacksonville Jaguars OC

Why?: Ledman says this is our dark horse candidate. I honestly don’t know much on the guy, but he cannot make the Jaguars score points with Allen Robinson, Hurns and Ivory, so I’m not sold on the guy. But, he was Purdue recruiting coordinator and tight ends coach under Tiller in 2002, which makes me believe in him a bit more. He has been in the NFL ever since. Ledman thinks he will make the jump back to college, who knows.

Chance: The entire Jaguars staff might be canned at the end of the year, they lucked out and squeaked a win in today against the Bears, but by the looks of it, they could all be free agents come January. I believe that he will stay in the league.

Name: Brady Hoke

Position: Oregon DC

Why?: Ya, Oregon isn’t very good right now. Hoke was up and down at Michigan. But, he has head coaching experience and is looking for another head coaching job. Getting back into the B1G isn’t easy, but this could be a chance for him as he could take over a Purdue program in shambles.

Chance: With how Oregon has looked this season, I don’t think we take a chance on him. But his head coaching experience in the B1G makes him appealing a little bit.

Name: Brock Spack

Position: Illinois State Head Coach

Why?: This was supposed to be our guy after Tiller the Tiller years. But instead, we went cheap with Hope. Why did we do this? Spack should have already had his chance. Spack has lead Illinois State to a FCS championship appearance last season. This year, they aren’t nearly as good. But still have a winning record. He is a Purdue guy, he should have had his chance already.

Chance: This could definitely happen; if Bobo looks for help in the hiring process and Tiller is involved you can bet money that Tiller will push Spack to the board. I wouldn’t mind it, but I also don’t want to hire someone to make up for a mistake we made a decade ago.

Name: Jeff Brohm

Position: Western Kentucky Head Coach

Why?: One of TMill’s favorites to fill the void, Brohm would bring an explosive offense to West Lafayette. He has a solid resume and has turned Western Kentucky around into a solid mid major team. He brings enthusiasm to a team and is still young enough to where players would love to play for him. He is an innovator and will grow as the game changes and evolves. He has been an OC at Louisville as well, so he knows how to compete in a big conference.

Chance: This is another one that could definitely happen. While Western Kentucky has been fun, everyone strives to be better and joining a conference with prestige at the B1G is something I believe Brohm would want to do.

Name: Brent Venables

Position: Clemson DC

Why?: This one is for the Legend. Venables has been a DC at 2 power house schools. Oklahoma and Clemson. He hasn’t been a head coach yet, but with ties all over the nation why not Purdue. Clemson is fun calling the defense; wouldn’t it be fun controlling a program? Venables would make an instant impact with recruiting with his ties all over the nation. Venables might not want to do it, but I would love him here. Venables would turn into the Legend’s greatest hero, coaching at both of his favorite schools.

Chance: It could happen, but it is more fun winning with Dabo. But, he could bring the same type of turn around the Dabo produced at Clemson.

Well, there is my input. Feel free to put yours in the comment section. The next few moths will be interesting. I wish Gerard Parker and the rest of the staff the best of luck, as they try to right the ship.